Valuations for Insurance

Queensbury Jewellers offer a complete in-house jewellery valuation service by professional jewellers.

Our valuation service offers a full valuation for the replacement of your jewellery should it be lost or stolen. You will receive two copies of the valuation, one for your own records and the second to be passed to your insurer so that they are aware of exactly what they are insuring, limiting any possible problems should a claim arise.


Valuations for Probate

Queensbury's also offer a service for Valuations for Probate.

This is an indication of current value if the item was sold at auction, to a trader or even scrapped. The value therefore is a lot less than the replacement value offered by our insurance service.  The purpose for this lower value is to offer a true selling value and not a replacement value in order to keep any tax liability to a minimum when settling the estate of the deceased.